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Real Time Performance Management

Persono supports to increase transparency, participation, and visibility by coordinating the entire company around common goals. It encourages regular and constructive feedback among employees. Based on the determined target or competence, Persono HR performance module fluently enables to proceed the 360 performance processes over of all employees.

Competency Based On Assessment

Evaluate the performance of your employees up to 360 °, manage the competencies of your organization's employee.


Real Time Goal Management

Create and manage the department, team, corporation goals or personal objectives. Continuously follow and manage your goals in the case of continuous performance.

OKR & KPI Management

Create and Manage OKRs and KPIs for your employees, teams or organization. Achieve KPI metrics, composed by the individual goals.


Based On 360° Feedback

Your employees can provide and receive 360 ° feedback whenever they are willing. They can provide the required feedback during the performance evaluation process or at any time.

One on One Meetings

Managers and employees can organize one-on-one meetings due to the determination of setting goals, proceeding the performance evaluation and the periodic objective control etc.


Appreciation & Praise

Let your employees appreciate each other, thereby strengthening the company culture.

Performance Results Just A Few Clicks Away

You can easily get your individual and analytical performance reports.


Development Plans

By getting performance results or polyvalence results, you can build an action plan for personal or organizational development plans.

Digital Polyvalence Matrix

Digitally manage your employees' Qualification Matrixes.



Do you transfer my existing competency and goals?

Yes, we are able to import your existing competencies and goals into Persono.

Could we manage multiple performance period simultaneously?

Yes, you can manage multiple performance periods such as Blue collar and white collar’s performance periods simultaneously.

Do you have competency templates?

Yes, we added various competency templates to competency pools. You can choose and use them as you need.

Can I get corporate balanced scorecard?

Yes, by managing OKR and employee goals with Persono, you can also get corporate balanced scorecard results.

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Evaluate up to 360 degrees of target and competency based

Manage your employee's training process

Hire the right talent into your organization.

Easily create, send and manage surveys online.

Collect valuable suggestions from your employees

Easily manage your employee Time-off process