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Suggestion Management

Persono helps you to manage your suggestions digitally. The suggestions that created by the Employees is evaluated and reviewed inside your organization accordingly.

Suggestions Pool

Employees creates suggestions on their self-service portal. Review and share suggestions inside the organization then appraisers evaluate and review the suggestions.


Review and comment the suggestions

Review and share suggestions inside the organization, select appraisers to evaluate and review the suggestions.

The Reports after Evaluation of the Suggestions Just A Few Clicks Away

After evaluating the suggestions, the reports can be obtained and concluded.



Can additional files be added while creating suggestions?

Yes, employee able to add attachment during the suggestion creation process.

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Evaluate up to 360 degrees of target and competency based

Manage your employee's training process

Hire the right talent into your organization.

Easily create, send and manage surveys online.

Collect valuable suggestions from your employees

Easily manage your employee Time-off process