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Persono is Just What Your Business Needs

We Can Help You Digitize HR Processes.

Analyze your employee data then take action.

Persono team is always with you on your digital journey.

Persono runs with your current HR Application fully integrated.

Easily use Persono with its seamless user experience.

Performance Results Just A Few Clicks Away

You can easily get your individual and analytical performance reports.


Keep Track Of Goals & KPIs

Manage Goals and KPIs with the phenomenon of continuous performance.

Easily manage and plan your trainings

Create and plan training, then measure the effectiveness of the training.


Find the right talent for your organization

Store candidates, post jobs, manage interviews, activities and evaluate candidates then find right talent.

What does Persono bring you?


Start to evaluate in a short time

Improvement in preparation time


Save time for evaluation

Improvement in assessment time


Save time for reports

Improved report production timing


Save time for HR process

Time improvement in general HR processes

What do our happy customers say?

We have been extremely supported by Persono Team and we have reached our targets on time for Performer Peer Review Project with maximum customer satisfaction. They have closely tracked project milestones and they have displayed high dedication & customer focus approach during each phases of the project.

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