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Training Management

Manage your organization training processes effectively with Persono.

Training Activities

Create training records, add training contents, and plan your further required trainings. View scheduled trainings and notify employees for their expired trainings.


Plan your Trainings

Annual training schedules shall be created and planned on the basis of departments or employees.

Measuring Training Effectiveness

Create a training participation form for each training, measure the activity evaluation questionnaire and the effectiveness of the training after the training and the training evaluation tests.


Print the training certificates and Reports

After the training, the relevant certificate of each participant can easily be printed and obtained Detailed training reports help you analyze and manage the training process.


Can we manage the periodic trainings?

Yes, training managers will be notified as the periodical training approaches.

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Evaluate up to 360 degrees of target and competency based

Manage your employee's training process

Hire the right talent into your organization.

Easily create, send and manage surveys online.

Collect valuable suggestions from your employees

Easily manage your employee time-off process